Lars Kærulf Møller
Director of Bornholm Museum of Art, 1997

Pure Form and Colour

Henrik Hadsund is every inch a colourist. For many years he has faithfully worked with landscape painting, strongly influenced by the generation of painters that brought modernism to Denmark at the beginning of the century by cultivating form and colour. Henrik Hadsund, however, lives at the end of the century and transforms therefore the landscape into the abstract.

It is probably with our subconscious that we recognize the rolling yellow cornfield and the sea with the elevated horizon; a clear reference to one of his greatest influences, Niels Lergaard. Like Lergaard, Henrik Hadsund allows space a cosmic character where each individual element; the field, the sea, the sky are reduced to image creating elements, that join in our minds to become a universal picture of the romantic garden.





Acryl på papir

Olie på papir

Olie på lærred